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We choosethe best of the best!

The Managing Company 'Verny Capital' has been conducting HR contest 'Recognition Awards' among the employees of the group and key partners since 2018.

The contest is conducted in several stages and the winner is determined through the voting of participants
during the Forum.

1st stage

June 4 – June 21, 2024


The first stage of the contest will take place locally within each of the company, whereat the task of the companies resides in making a nomination for one of their employees to participate in the overall competition among the members of Verny Capital Group.

Selection criteria
Selection criteria
Selection criteria
2nd stage

June 24 – July 14, 2024

Video contest

It is necessary to make thematic video clip: "Road to success though the Corporate Values" which should cover one or more values of the employee's company and Verny Capital Group.

Selection criteria
Selection criteria
Selection criteria
3rd stage

July 22 – August 02, 2024

Open voting on the site.
Project Jury Voting.

In order to vote, you should click the link to watch the videoclips of participants and rate the videoclip. Please read the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation criteria
Evaluation criteria
Evaluation criteria
4th stage

August 5 – September 27, 2024

Success story

For the final stage of the competition, the management company of Verny Capital Group will prepare a professional video about each participant in the success story format, which will be published on the competition website after the final vote at the Group Leaders Forum.

Selection criteria
Selection criteria
Selection criteria
5th stage

October 2024

Forum of Leaders

The final voting will be conducted in real time at the Forum of Leaders.  The results will be published on the website on October, 2024.

Selection criteria
Selection criteria
Selection criteria

We are specializing in making direct investments in private companies. We develop the economy and increase public benefit.

Our mission

We integrate capitals, attract professionals to effective teams, introduce advanced technologies to create high-yielding companies thus to develop the economy and to augment public welfare.

«Everyone in our team aspires to be a skilled professional: to meet high requirements, to excellently perform his work, to achieve mutual understanding»

«We unite into a team of professionals to achieve synergy of competence, experience and culture»

«We are constantly developing; we are open to a new experience, knowledge and objectives»

Our values

All companies share common values which are the basis of the contest.

  • Competence
  • Leadership
  • Esteem and confidence
  • Ethics
  • Excellence

Investment projects